As most know, the Magento landscape is drastically changing. There is a lot of talk of Adobe making Magento a subscription service or SAAS this year and there are going to be a lot of businesses caught offguard. It would mean another replatform for store owners who have already spent the money for a replatform fairly recently. So, let’s break down the changes coming this year.

Adobe deprecated the entire frontend of Magento. They are building in Graph-QL and RabbitMQ into the core to allow the backend to talk to any frontend Progressive Web App. This means they can close source the backend, make it a SAAS, and all integrations will go through the Graph-ql and REST/SOAP Api’s. It would essentially be another Shopify or Big Commerce, this is the end game.

What will be interesting is will the keep the current Magneto 2 source code open source? Or are they going to pull the entire codebase offline? If they split from the Open Source code, then store owners can continue to use it, or decide to switch to the new subscription based service. It will be interesting what they decide.

The story around the community is Magento is dead, at least as far as it being a separate self-contained app. It will be a SAAS subscription service controlled by Adobe. Many companies who are strictly Magento shops are worried, many are trying to pivot to other platforms or at the very least, expand their business to include other platforms.

It is a scary time for Magento developers for sure.

It will be an interesting year for Magento, The Magento Community, and the Store Owners as well as the Developers.

Get Ready.